Why Us?

Market Position



LARGEST IN GREECE Independent Corporate Insurance Broker




EMPLOYEES Covered by our EB plans

Five decades of constant growth in the insurance & risk management industry

We have been operating in the risk management industry of Greece & Cyprus since 1971. Ever since, we have enjoyed more than five decades of constant growth, and as a result we have succeeded in ranking as the fourth largest independent corporate insurance broker in our market since 2019. We continue to grow at rates that largely surpass those of the rest of the market.

Uniquely positioned to offer high quality insurance solutions to both domestic and multinational clients

We are uniquely positioned to offer high quality professional services, providing insurance and insurance-related solutions to more than 400 corporate clients, both domestic and multinational. Our unique positioning has led to Comergon being selected by 16 major international broker networks as their exclusive partners for Greece and Cyprus.


with Dedication
& Integrity

The cornerstone of our philosophy of doing is that one has to be the best in what one does. To achieve this, we need to attain to the highest ethical standards to make sure that we offer crystal clear value to our clients and at the same time be a respectable corporate citizen. We have set our values very rigorously and these dictate how we do business and how we do not.

We have also set our mission and our strategic narrative, drawing a clear path on why we are here and why our clients and our partners should choose us. We are deeply assured that by adhering to our values, by offering solid value to our clients and by being the best in the market, our vision will materialize.

We walk the talk and we are proud of that!

Knowledge & Expertise


Deep knowledge of the industry and of the current market trends and developments

We invest -on a daily basis- a significant amount of resources to maintain an extremely wide knowledge base of everything that has to do with our industry. We have full awareness of the nature of insurance and risk management. We monitor the market trends & developments and we persistently work with our clients in adapting to them.

Continuously challenging our service standards

We continuously challenge ourselves to set new service standards striving to exceed the expectations of our customers, both when designing our customers’ risk profile as well as after having placed their insurance protection.

Proven track-record of successful assessment of clients' risks

We have a proven track record of the highest ability to assess the nature of our customers’ risks and evaluate the way these can be managed, always under the prism of the priorities set by them. Within this framework, we recommend the most beneficial solutions, remaining completely devoted and focused on our objective.


Customer Service


Long-term partnerships Long-lasting value

Our customer service is second to none in our market. We place our clients in the centre of what we do. We strongly believe in long-term partnerships and we fully understand that we need to offer long-lasting value to them. It is exactly this philosophy that drives every aspect of our business.

We walk the talk, constantly evolving, adapting and investing

Our decades of experience in our market, as well as our international exposure have made us fully aware of the areas of our operation where our clients value most. It is exactly those areas where we have focused, invested and excel on. We even take possible recommendations from our clients very seriously and we do not hesitate to adapt our daily operations if required.

Motivated by our customer-focused philosophy

We understand that we are a people-centered business and we always select, train and develop our employees based on our core values and our customer-focused philosophy. Each one of us is motivated to deliver smiles on the faces of our clients and we always strive to be the best in what we do, not just better.

International Footprint

Selected by the sixteen major international broker networks as their exclusive partner for Greece and Cyprus

Since 1997, we have been persistently exposing ourselves to the international environment by forming partnerships with global insurance broker networks. Today, our strong presence and reputation in most international insurance markets has resulted in us becoming the honorably selected broker-partner by the 16 major international broker networks and alliances as their exclusive representative in Greece & Cyprus.

We are proud to have succeeded in becoming the only entirely private, corporate insurance broker in our market with the ability to consistently manage, place and develop multinational insurance programs for both Greek and Cypriot companies in their expansion abroad as well as foreign multinationals in their inbound investments.



Solution Providers

We choose to work with the most well established, reputable and reliable insurance providers, both in the domestic and international markets.

We believe this approach to be the best safeguard for our clients’ interests.

Obviously, this is a dynamic situation because some insurers may get absorbed, new ones enter the market, but our clients do not need to worry: we are constantly monitoring domestic and international developments and cherry-pick only the best for each task.

In our experience, there is no one-insurer-fits-all solution. One insurer may be excellent in their products for property insurance, whilst at the same time another one may have better casualty or benefits solutions. We consider it our outmost responsibility to monitor the daily market developments and evaluate which insurer is more suitable for each line of insurance at any given moment in time.