Property & Casualty

Risk Management

We work closely with all our clients to provide innovative and optimum Risk Management solutions. Our team of experts reviews their current situation, assesses their risk tolerance and their ability of risk retention. We review their property, casualty & balance-sheet issues to design a management structure to mitigate those risks at the most cost-effective way.

Risk transfer, in simpler words the acquisition of an insurance policy, comes as the last step in the process.


Advisory - Consulting

Our Advisory & Consulting services allow us to offer our clients with innovative and sustainable risk mitigation strategies, protecting their assets, their liability exposures and their balance-sheet, in the short, medium, and long term.


  • Existing insurance policies audits and/or design as new
  • Insurance due diligence audits
  • Insurance tender / insurance obligation documents preparation
  • Full claims management & consulting
  • Business continuity plans
  • Legal, compliance, regulatory & tax advisory
  • Global insurance programs implementation & management
  • Market intelligence & industry knowledge
  • Understanding & Influence

Business Insurance Solutions

  • Property
    • Fixed Assets (office, commercial, warehouse, industrial, dry & cold)
    • Equipment
    • Goods in stock
    • Business interruption / loss of profit
  • Engineering
    • Renewable Energy
    • Electronic equipment All Risks
    • Mechanical equipment All Risks
    • Contractors All Risks
    • Erection All Risks
    • Delay in Start Up / Advance Loss of Profit
    • Contractors’ Plant & Machinery
    • Civil Engineering Completed Risk
    • Mechanical breakdown
    • Comprehensive Machinery Insurance
    • Deterioration of Stock
  • Fleet
    • Private vehicles / motorcycles / rental
    • Trucks / Lorries
    • Forklifts / Utility vehicles
  • Liabilities
    • General third-party liability
    • Employer’s Liability
    • Product Liability
    • Environmental Liability
    • Professional Indemnity – Errors & Omissions
    • D&O – Director’s & Officer’s Liability
    • Clinical Trial Liability
    • Carrier’s / Forwarder’s Liability
    • Warehouse Keeper’s Liability
    • Ship Repairer’s Liability
    • Port Agent’s Liability
  • Shipping / Marine
    • Hull & Machinery
    • P&I – Protection and Indemnity
    • Crew Accident & Medical
    • Goods in Stock / Goods in Transit
    • Carrier’s / Forwarder’s Liability
    • Warehouse Keeper’s Liability
    • Ship repairer’s Liability
    • Port Agent’s Liability
  • Financial Lines
    • Crime
    • Cash in Safe – Cash in Transit
    • Employee Fidelity
    • Mergers & Acquisitions Transactional Products
    • Credit Insurance
    • Vendor / Reverse Credit
    • Surety Bonds
    • Kidnap & Ransom
  • Other Insurances
    • Cyber
    • Commercial Aircraft
    • Film Production All Risks (TV, Theatre & Cinema)
    • Event Cancellation
    • Sports

Core Services

Onboarding Services

  • Policy implementation
  • Proofing of agreed special terms & conditions

Ongoing Client Support

  • Policy administration
  • Invoice monitoring
  • Endorsement management
  • Claims handling: Comergon to manage all claims concierge-style service 24/7
  • Reporting to management
  • Renewal services

Value-added Services

  • Claims Adjusting

    In all our Property & Casualty assignments, an event leading to a loss is always a possibility. Every year we manage more than 500 claims for the benefit our clients.

    The claim adjustment process is almost always a frustrating and sometimes a long & time-consuming adventure. During this journey, we manage the entire claim by providing confidence, guidance & expertise until its timely and fair settlement. We do this for claims in any line of insurance.

    Our experienced team, supported with experts in every field (doctors, engineers, surveyors, lawyers & accountants), offers a high-quality service in every stage of the process:

    • Quantification of the claim’s amount
    • Preparation of the supporting documentation
    • Coordination of all the involved parties
    • Notifying client on every development
    • Leading throughout the process, minimizing effort and time consumption from client’s personnel side
    • Negotiations with the insurers
  • Tender Advisory

    What is a tender?

    An “invitation to tender” document, also known as a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ), is a written request sent out to potential suppliers with an analytical description of a requested product or service. Insurance tenders will ask insurance companies to submit their offers for a specifically analyzed insurance policy.

    The tender document serves as the basis of the tendering process and helps our client select a qualified insurance company based on certain contract criteria. In insurance tenders these criteria are, the special clauses, the terms & conditions and obviously the pricing.

    The purpose of an insurance tender for an organization is to achieve an optimum cover, cost & service outcome.

    Our team of experts has successfully run a number of tenders for either existing customers, or on a consultancy undertaking base and is able to assist clients in every step of this process:

    • Determination of tender objectives
    • Tender methodology
    • Preparation of insurance requirements and supportive documentation
    • Determination of the appraisal & evaluation criteria
    • Project management through the tender process
    • Facilitation of the appointment decision


    How we set-up a tender?

    Our tenders consist of six sections:

    Section 1: Introduction

    Section 2: Scope of Services

    Section 3: Instructions to Tenderers

    Section 4: Tender Particulars

    Section 5: Evaluation & Comparison of Tenders

    Section 6: Schedule of Requirements


    Evaluation of the tender

    Further to the paramount importance of pricing, evaluations of tenders must also consider the following factors:

    • Specific Terms & Conditions
    • General Policy Wording & Exclusions
    • Historical Renewal Performance / Competitiveness / Aggressiveness
    • Claims Handling Experience
    • General Flexibility Experience

    Tender results are finally presented in a comprehensive report with adequate explanations and itemized recommendations for the client to conclude to the most beneficial decision with confidence.

  • Insurance Due Diligence Audits

    The purpose of an Insurance Due Diligence Audit is to analyze the risk profile of a client in order to:

    • Identify and quantify risk exposures
    • Assess the cost of insurance
    • Analytically compare findings versus existing insurance policies
    • Build the strategy for optimizing risk transfer management

    Our significant experience enables us to perform such assignments with the high discipline that is required, providing:

    • Analysis of existing insurance programs, commenting on their effectiveness
    • Best practices and benchmarking
    • Recommendations for the optimum insurance solutions
    • Budgeting considerations

Benefits for the client

Our ability to assess the nature of the world of Property & Casualty insurance, alongside our knowledge & experience of both the domestic and the global insurance industry, allows us to recommend our clients with the best strategies and to deliver:

  • Innovative risk management solutions
  • Insurance programs that provide high quality coverage
  • Optimization of pricing
  • Flexibility – clarity – transparency
  • High quality reporting
  • Ongoing & unparalleled concierge-style client service

With more than 280 corporate clients in our P&C portfolio, not only do we deliver what we promise but we can also provide references.