Vangelis Deliniotis

Partner & Director Business Development Team

Vangelis was born in Germany in 1970. He graduated from the high school of Düsseldorf in 1988 and moved on to study Statistics & Insurance Science at the University of Piraeus [1988 – 1993]. In parallel he advanced his studies further taking the “Annual Training & Certification Program for Insurance Company Executives” at the “Hellenic Chartered Insurance Institute” (E.I.A.S.), where he graduated in 1993. During his studies he worked in the Motor Insurance Department at Allianz Greece.

After serving his mandatory military service in the Greek Armed Forces, he commenced his career in the Private Insurance Industry in 1994, by joining Hydroghios Insurance Company SA as an Accountant and Adjuster for foreign Motor Claims. In 1995 he was recruited by Allianz Life Insurance Company and later on, in 1999, by Universal Life working in both companies as Claims Adjuster.

In 1998 he acquired the Certificate of Insurance Practice of the London Chartered Insurance Institute.

In 2001 Universal Life promoted Vangelis initially to Group Insurance Sales Manager for the Employee Benefits activity. His strong performance and success paid off in another promotion in 2007, this time to General Sales Manager including all Bancassurance relationships. With the acquisition of Universal Life by International Life in 2010, he was entrusted with the expanded management of the Employee Benefits Insurance Department, overseeing all aspects of Underwriting, Sales & Administration, as well as retaining the Bancassurance Relationship Directorship.

In 2012 he joined Allianz Greece as Employee Benefits Manager for both Greek and Cypriot markets, having the Supervision for Underwriting, Administration and Sales for all lines of EB insurance business (Life, Disability, Health & Pension). He was also assigned to the responsibility for Allianz’s Bancassurance portfolio and, as an acknowledgement to his experience and executive contribution, he was appointed to Allianz’s “Risk Committee” & “Insurance Operation Committee”.

He has participated in a significant number of seminars, sales meetings and conferences all over the world on issues of Sales, Employee Benefits, Negotiation Techniques, Leadership, etc. He is certified in topics such as Data Privacy, Anti-money laundering and Investment Products linked to Pension or Insurance.

Most importantly, he is generally acknowledged by the market as one of the most senior local experts on Multinational Pooling & Pooling Networks, having over 20 years of experience in this field. He is considered one of the top market consultants on Deposit Administration Pension Funds in the Greek & Cypriot territory.

He speaks Greek, English & German as native languages. He likes reading all kinds of books but especially Historical Novels. On a weekend, you will most probably find Vangelis enjoying his love of barbecue with some good friends in his roof garden. He still plays Volleyball as a veteran, with many wondering why.

Vangelis is married and a proud father of two daughters, currently finalizing their university degrees.