Tasos Glivas

Associate Finance & Operations Team

Tasos was born closed to Munich in Germany in 1965. He repatriated in 1970 and he graduated the Filippiada Lyceum. He went on to attend a full undergraduate degree at the School of Tourism Professionals where he graduated in 1984. He worked in various positions in the tourism sector from 1995 until 2010, including some of the most well-known hospitality names such as Grecotel, Caravel, Pentelikon & Intercontinental.

In 2011 he joined Comergon as an Associate of the Finance & Operations Team. His responsibilities include credit control, communications with customers on billing, collections, office supplies, planning and hosting of company events & building maintenance.

Tasos speaks Greek & English. He is an amateur beekeeper and regularly provides everyone at Comergon with first-class quality honey (but never ask him how many bees he attends to because it is extremely bad luck). On the other end of the spectrum, he jumps off planes (hopefully with a parachute) and dives to the deepest ends of the ocean.

Tasos is married with one child.