Louisa Kalogerakou

Partner & Director Employee Benefits Team

Louisa was born in Athens, Greece in 1979.  She graduated from the 1st high school of Glyfada in 1998 and moved on to study Marketing and International Relations at the European University in Athens. In parallel she took the first step in her professional career by joining Greenwoods Insurance Brokers as administration officer in 1999.

Greenwoods was by then an insurance broker active almost entirely in the area of Marine Insurance and therefore Louisa was able to get intense training in all aspects of Marine Insurance, a very demanding sector of the Insurance Industry. In 2001, as a result of her efforts as well as of her successful attention to the issues of her area of specialization, lead her to be promoted to the position of both Senior Administrator and Junior Underwriting Officer. She was therefore able to improve her skills and knowledge of underwriting and administering complicated marine accounts. By 2004 she was called upon to undertake to the position of Office Manager, being in charge of all the daily activities and operations of the company.

During this period, she joined a post graduate course at the Hellenic Institute of Insurance Studies. Attending intense evening and weekend courses during 2000 & 2001, she successfully completed this two-year demanding course and obtained her accreditation as an insurance professional.

During 2005 she joined Comergon Insurance Brokers as Deputy Office Manager & Deputy Director for Marine Insurance. In Comergon, by then a broker active in all lines of insurance and heavily involved in the management of International Accounts, she was able to expand her skills and abilities in even more areas of insurance. Most importantly, she became a primary contact for numerous clients of the then International Accounts Department and by that time she took her first steps in the, then infant, Employee Benefits activities of the company.

By 2009 she realised that Employee Benefits had huge potential in the Greek market. She took the initiative to draft a detailed business plan that included the ideas she had about improving the relevant services to clients, as well as all the relevant action items for the development of this line of business. Her plan was quickly approved, and she was promoted to the position of Director, Employee Benefits Team. Going forward, she adequately staffed her department and moved on to implement her plan and grow the business. By 2015, Employee Benefits had become an important part of Comergon, producing almost 40% of its income.  Today this percentage has grown further to north of 55%.

She currently serves as Comergon’s representative – Employee Benefits Faculty – in all international networks Comergon is a member of, in its two countries of domicile.

Since 2010 she has participated in a significant number of international conferences in various locations around the globe​, on issues of Employee Benefits of Corporate & International Accounts, with topics such as International EB coordination, Reporting Requirements in the New Millennium, International EB Pooling Arrangements and Employee Benefits Beyond Customer Satisfaction.

In 2022 Louisa proudly became a partner in the company.

Louisa is fluent in Greek and English. She enjoys fitness activities and is always in the middle of reading a book on contemporary Greek history.

Louiza is married with three children and an excellent caring boss of her little Maltese dog “Hannah”.