Dennis Antypas

Partner & Director Property & Casualty Team

Dionyssis was born in Athens, Greece in 1970.  He obtained an undergraduate degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK [BEng, 1990 – 1993].  He then went further to a postgraduate degree in Project Management at the University of Birmingham [ MSc (Eng), 1993 – 1994 ]. He served in the Greek Army (Engineers) for 18 months (1994 – 1996).

He started his career in manufacturing (food packaging) as an Industrial Engineer. In 2000 he joined Comergon as Operations Manager and later as Director of Property & Casualty. After taking a short break between 2018 and 2021, during which he worked for ‘Marsh’ as an Account Executive in the Department of Risk Management, in 2021 he rejoined Comergon as Director of the Property & Casualty Team and Member of Comergon’s Board of Directors.

He has participated in a significant number of seminars and conferences, on issues of Risk Management Corporate Accounts, International Accounts, Property / Casualty, Supply Chain Insurances, Films & Events Insurances, Private Equity Transactional Insurance Products & Services, Claims Management, Client Services, Reinsurance, Networking and Insurance Broking.

In 2022 Dionyssis proudly became a partner in the company.

Dionyssis fluently speaks Greek and English. He is a winter swimmer, although there are disputes about some tough months being left aside. He enjoys cooking and some also enjoy his food. He loves watching his favorite team both on football and basketball and will always be in the middle of a book on history or politics.

He is married and a father of two children.