Actions towards the environment

Comergon applies the following actions for the protection of the environmental footprint and the protection of the ecosystem

  1. recycling of paper, batteries, electrical appliances, lamps, mobile telephones, in cooperation with:  AFIS (Recycling of Portable Batteries), Appliances Recycling S.A., Reisswolf, Vodafone, Polyeco
  2. cooperates with non profitable organizations with regard to protection and restoration of the environment and the climate changes, in cooperation with:  Arktouros (Environmental Center – Protection Wildlife) and ARCHELON (the sea turtle protection of Greece)
  3. promotes and advises on insurance programs regarding alternative forms of energy, according to European instructions 2004/35/E.C. for insuring environmental contamination
  4. Supports Greek biodiversity
    «Micromeria Acropolitana»
  6. Saves electricity by using energy saving lamps etc.
  8. Replacing gradually the corporate cars with hybrid ones
  9. Supports United Nations initiative "Seal the Deal" on world climate