Actions towards the society

Comergon’s social profile emerges through actions relating to:

  1. The support of vulnerable groups of society or persons such as:
    • MaAfrica Tikkuu through London’s Triathlon
    • The GoPetition: «To Hamomilaki» - protest against children’s abuse
    • The Inner Wheel Hellas  for the National Federation of Athletes with inabilities
    • Young Angelos, a child with  spastic paraplegia
    • Fire Victims  resulting form the devastating fire of Ilia Prefecture (Peloponese)
    • As well as  non profit organizations:
      Hellenic Society of the Alzheimer decease, Unicef, "Hamogelo tou Paidiou" (tr. "Child's Smile") -(an organization that takes care of sick or maltreated children), «Γραμμή Ζωής» (tr. «Life Line»)- (an organization taking care of the elderly people)
  1. The support of social injustices, discriminations and disparities, through organizations such as: Global Compact Network Hellas (compliance with the United Nations sustainable development of enterprises based on 10 principles of corporate governance Transparency International Greece – (an organization for the combat of corruption and exercise business with ethics and transparency)
  2. The financial aid of our cultural heritage – by taking part in the Exhibition "permutations" of the Athens Municipality