Consultancy Services

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

9.3/10 average customer satisfaction index score on our existing EB portfolio

In all our Employee Benefits assignments, we conduct Employee Satisfaction Surveys every two years so that our clients’ management team receives personnel’s feedback on the provided scheme as well as our performance.

The survey consists of two sections:
Section I: employee satisfaction on the offered benefits
Section II: employee satisfaction on the broker’s performance

We are proud that on our existing EB portfolio we hold an average Customer Satisfaction Index score of 9.3/10.


Claims Adjusting

In all our Property & Casualty assignments, an event leading to a loss is always a possibility. “Every year we manage more than 500 claims for the benefit our clients”.

The claim adjustment process is almost always a frustrating and sometimes a long & time-consuming adventure. During this journey, we manage the entire claim by providing confidence, guidance & expertise until its timely and fair settlement. We do this for claims in any line of insurance.

Our experienced team, supported with experts in every field (doctors, engineers, surveyors, lawyers & accountants), offers a high-quality service in every stage of the process:

  • Quantification of the claim’s amount
  • Preparation of the supporting documentation
  • Coordination of all the involved parties
  • Notifying client on every development
  • Leading throughout the process, minimizing effort and time consumption from client’s personnel side.
  • Negotiations with the insurers

Tender Advisory

  • What is a tender?

    An “invitation to tender” document, also known as a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ), is a written request sent out to potential suppliers with an analytical description of a requested product or service. Insurance tenders will ask insurance companies to submit their offers for a specifically analyzed insurance policy.

    The tender document serves as the basis of the tendering process and helps our client select a qualified insurance company based on certain contract criteria. In insurance tenders these criteria are, the special clauses, the terms & conditions and obviously the pricing.

    The purpose of an insurance tender for an organization is to achieve an optimum cover, cost & service outcome.

    Our team of experts has successfully run a number of tenders for either existing customers, or on a consultancy undertaking base and is able to assist clients in every step of this process:

    • Determination of tender objectives
    • Tender methodology
    • Preparation of insurance requirements and supportive documentation
    • Determination of the appraisal & evaluation criteria
    • Project management through the tender process
    • Facilitation of the appointment decision
  • How we set-up a tender?

    Our tenders consist of six sections:

    Section 1: Introduction

    Section 2: Scope of Services

    Section 3: Instructions to Tenderers

    Section 4: Tender Particulars

    Section 5: Evaluation & Comparison of Tenders

    Section 6: Schedule of Requirements

  • Evaluation of the tender

    Further to the paramount importance of pricing, evaluations of tenders must also consider the following factors:

    • Specific Terms & Conditions
    • General Policy Wording & Exclusions
    • Historical Renewal Performance / Competitiveness / Aggressiveness
    • Claims Handling Experience
    • General Flexibility Experience

    Tender results are finally presented in a comprehensive report with adequate explanations and itemized recommendations for the client to conclude to the most beneficial decision with confidence.

Insurance Due Diligence Audits

The purpose of an Insurance Due Diligence Audit is to analyze the risk profile of a client in order to:

  • Identify and quantify risk exposures
  • Assess the cost of insurance
  • Analytically compare findings versus existing insurance policies
  • Build the strategy for optimizing risk transfer management

Our significant experience enables us to perform such assignments with the high discipline that is required, providing:

  • Analysis of existing insurance programs, commenting on their effectiveness
  • Best practices and benchmarking
  • Recommendations for the optimum insurance solutions
  • Budgeting considerations

Food Voucher Administration

Food vouchers are fully tax deductible for the employer without any benefit-in-kind considerations for the employees, provided they are limited to €6 per day for 22 working days per month (€132/month x 11 months x number of employees).

We undertake the collection of the vouchers from the provider and the delivery of those vouchers to each employee, based on the timeframe our clients set. Alternatively, the vouchers can be delivered in personalized envelopes per employee to the client’s HR department for further dispatch.

Our administration process is based on our in-house technology, which records all actions, such as:

  • Logistics
  • Proof of delivery of vouchers to each employee
  • Accounting considerations for new joiners and leavers
  • Balance-sheet of the scheme
  • Monthly reporting to management



Benchmark Reports

We offer our clients with high-level analysis of their Employee Benefits Scheme set-ups.

Our clients’ policies are evaluated for compliance with local regulations (if and where applicable) and benchmarked against similar size populations, relevant schemes as per Greek & Cypriot market practices, industrial segmentation and Comergon’s experience and database.

The purpose of a benchmark report for an organization is to understand where its policy stands against the competition and the market practices in general. Some of our clients desire their schemes to rank at the top-95% quartile amongst the competitors, many at the top-75% quartile, while others prefer to land on the 50% quartile. No matter our client’s internal policy, our benchmarking reports will greatly assist to an educated decision.

Our team of experts has successfully concluded several benchmarking assignments, either for existing client relationships, or on purely consultancy basis, and is able to assist clients in every step of the process.

Benchmark results are presented in a comprehensive report with adequate explanations and itemized recommendations for the client to conclude to the most beneficial decision with confidence.


Employee Assistance Programs

The health and wellbeing of our clients’ employees is of utmost importance. With the contribution of outsourcing providers, we deliver Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), wellness events and similar solutions.

EAP offer a wide range of benefits for all levels of employees as well as employers, such us:

for employees and family members, for managers and Human Resources department – unlimited use

  • Awareness on Mental Health & Wellbeing topics
  • Mindfulness
  • Nutrition & Healthy Living

Employee Assessment Services

Comergon has established a partnership with Psynet Group (Psynet)  to help its clients in the very demanding world of employee assessments, culture-matching, recruiting and much more.

Psynet is a US-based organization, led by Dr. Dave Popple, which was formed by a team of PhD-holders corporate psychologists.  In collaboration with each client, Psynet helps them select the most suitable employees for each organization’s special characteristics but also maximize their existing employees’ competences and improve their organizational structure.

More specifically, Psynet:

  • Utilizes their proprietary assessment platform ‘Psybil’ to evaluate individuals before making hiring decisions or promotions.  Unlike other assessments, ‘Psybil’ doesn’t just assess personality, it also measures things such as critical thinking and abstract reasoning.  The assessment also identifies derailers such as someone with low self-awareness or someone who has a tendency to be a bully.
  • Helps our clients gain a deeper understanding of people in the context of their teams and organization.
  • Helps build and restructure organizations to be more effective and set people up for success.

Psynet’s leadership development comes from neuro-based coaching and training that “sticks.”