About Comergon



Our founder starts his career as an insurance producer

Our journey started in 1971, when our founder, Dimitris Zafiriou started his career as an insurance producer. A few years later, as a result of his deep understanding of the business, his capabilities as well as his exceptional character, he was invited to join well-known insurance corporations as an executive.


Comergon Insurance Brokers is established

This period concluded successfully in 1994 when his entrepreneurial spirit urged him to launch one of the first insurance broker consultancies in Greece, joined in this endeavor by his wife Katie. Following a successful trial period, 1997 saw the establishment of Comergon Insurance Brokers.

In the same year Comergon became a full member of the Hellenic Insurance Brokers Association (HIBA). HIBA stands for professional excellence in the Greek Insurance Brokers’ Market and its members, who are the most prominent broker firms, fully adopt the values and code of ethics of the association. Our founder, Dimitris Zafiriou, served many terms in various positions in HIBA’s BoD during his career and still carries the title of Vice Chairman Emeritus. Following the same steps, our CEO, George Zafiriou, has served the BoD of HIBA for three consecutive terms and is currently the Secretary General of the Association.


Comergon becomes one of the largest independent insurance brokers in Greece & Cyprus

Comergon today is a thriving business, focusing entirely on corporate clients offering significant expertise on the Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits areas, Risk Management consultancy.

As one of the largest independent insurance brokers in Greece & Cyprus, we currently serve more than 400 corporate clients in aggregate for both our EB and P&C Teams, of which more than 50% are multinationals. We have been selected by the 16 major international broker networks as their exclusive representative. At the same time, we have cultivated excellent relationships with all major and most reputable insurance companies both domestic and overseas.

We are proud of our people and we invest heavily on them to make sure they stay at the peak of the developments, maintain an excellent knowledge background and service our esteemed clients as if each one was our only one.

Our business ethics, our corporate approach and the undivided attention in taking care of the interests of our clients and stakeholders are hard-wired in our DNA, thus ensuring Comergon’s perpetuation as an excellent corporate citizen.



To be
the safest choice
for all our clients

when it comes to
their insurance interests

Strategic Narrative

Staying ahead of the developments in our industry

We fully recognize that we are here to offer confidence and security to our clients at the very moment they need them, for the world of insurance & risk management is a complex and demanding world. Thus, we remain constantly vigilant in staying ahead of the developments in our industry on an international level, by being informed and by maintaining deep knowledge and rich experience.

With absolute specialization and excellent service levels that set new standards in the market

Proper and timely risk management requires absolute specialization and that is exactly what we do!

We are in the Greek-speaking market of risk management, providing high quality professional services, acting as integrators of insurance and related solutions, serving exclusively corporate clients. We identify our client’s potential risks and place them in the best and most cost-effective way. At the same time, we offer service levels that exceed the expectations of our clients and set new standards in the market.

We strive to be the absolute trusted partner of our clients when they are called upon the complex world of insurance for any reason. We achieve this because we daily prove with actions that we understand the risks and their nature and can evaluate the proper way they can be managed. In a rather unique way for the common practice, we instead take into account the criteria they set and propose the most appropriate solutions in this context. We do this by remaining completely dedicated and specialized in the subject we love.

Strategic partners and experienced consultants

We have been in the market since 1968 and we will stay focused on it exclusively, for we fully understand it & its terms and adapt accordingly, persistently setting new standards in our service offering to our clients.

We will continue to be the strategic partners and experienced consultants for our clients, providing them with the maximum possible value for the money they invest in meeting their insurance needs. We will continue to grow by choosing those clients who recognize this value, being assured that more and more companies and organizations will trust us.



to hold a leading position
in our market and
drive the developments
in it

We want to be the best in what we do and we believe that our market will reward us for this. Perhaps the leading position we enjoy is exactly because of that.

Nevertheless, we deeply believe that one cannot lead the game by watching the scoreboard. For us our goal is not to just do our job better than others. We want to set new standards and to drive the developments in our market.

Competing with ourselves every day, is our way of doing business.


  • Trustworthiness & Dependability
    • We undertake assignments only when we know that we bring real value for our client
    • We persistently search for the best possible solutions for the benefit of our clients, always according to the framework of criteria they set
    • We support our clients in all aspects of our assignment, especially in case of a claim
    • We place our clients’ risks with both local and international insurance providers, but we do not depend on any of them
    • We honor our remuneration by returning to our clients much more than what they expect their investment in us to yield
  • Knowledge & Expertise
    • We know our business in depth, assuming a scientific approach
    • We analyse and listen to our market carefully
    • We understand our clients and their needs
    • We search extensively and take advantage of every learning opportunity
    • We recognise that knowledge is our power and we share it with all our team members
    • We educate our clients to enable them to be knowledgeable and involved in the solutions we deliver to them
  • Superior Client Care & Service
    • We are available to our clients any time and through all available means
    • We offer personalized contact to our clients, and we develop relationships of trust with them
    • We carefully listen to the needs of our clients
    • We offer sophisticated solutions to our clients, solutions that facilitate and promote their businesses
    • We deliver more than we promise
    • We expect our clients to reciprocate our excellent service
    • We respect our internal client in the exact same way as our external ones
  • Humanism
    • We care for our clients and their people and it gives us pleasure to provide solutions to their problems
    • We care about our people
    • We leave a positive footprint in the society
  • Innovation
    • We acknowledge that innovation is the key to our success
    • We have the ability to actively seek & adopt new innovative solutions
    • We dare to think & implement solutions out of stereotypes


At Comergon we help our clients better understand, quantify and mitigate risks and to ultimately turn them to opportunities. We will not rest until we find an appropriate solution to your problem.
George Zafiriou Partner & CEO